on the spot.

Mediform's Approach.

The PillSafe device is made up of a disposable capsule and a reusable smart appliance. In order to assure your safety, we distribute each part separately. The smart appliance is sent directly to you while the disposable capsule is filled by the pharmacy before heading your way.

The PillSafe Solution.

PillSafe is a combination of a patent-pending reusable device, disposable capsules, a smartphone application, a user-friendly website interface, and AI which work together to provide key metrics throughout the full span of a prescription.

PillSafe is a smart medication dispenser which provides patients, physicians, and pharmacists with a low cost tool to improve patient outcomes and decrease the likelihood of addiction or abuse.

Using the mobile and web applications, patient prescription information is displayed with notifications to keep the medication on track.

Patient information is shown to physicians in real-time while AI monitors the patients’ behavioral data for signs of abuse. PillSafe aims to help physicians minimize the risks associated with medication use.